Sourcing, deploying and managing devices does not need to be time consuming, confusing or complex. Retrac can make this simple for you.

When it comes to device selection, Retrac leads with Microsoft Surface. Surface provides our customers with a wide range of options – from Mini Tablet right through to laptops and Studio-grade design equipment. HP is another long-time partner options offering great flexibility – with laptops, desktops and Thin Clients all available for deployment where needed.

Do you have other devices, including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)? No problem. Retrac joins all of your devices to your environment – ensuring device compliance, the right set-up of productivity apps and that security measures are put in place.

benefits Retrac will help you to realise

Let us source, set-up and manage your devices for you. This is why it makes sense:

ensure security, efficiency and productivity

Each new device is properly set up in your environment, so you can maximise the potential.

unlock the benefits of the latest Microsoft Surface range

Change the way you interact, with hand written notes and a touch friendly display. Get ready to unlock creativity.

same quality support, across platforms

Android, Apple and Windows devices are fully supported with our Mobile Device Management system.

maximise the flexibility

All Retrac devices are dockable, so you can easily convert your tablet, or laptop in to a full desktop workstation.

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