Don’t rest for second best – the right partnership is key

Davidson Building Group builds homes. They are a family business helping families realise their dreams. As such, trust and integrity are paramount to how they do business and to what they need from an IT upgrade and provider. Retrac was their first – and only – choice.

Objective: IT upgrade to meet changing business needs

With such high standards in all areas of business, Davidson Building Group found that their previous IT provider was letting them down on a few fronts. The provider they were with was not very responsive, and this was impacting the company’s ability to respond to and communicate with customers.

After three years, increasing downtime, mounting costs and no evidence that things were going to get better, Bron Davidson, Owner and Business Manager of Davidson Building Group, knew it was time to act.

“We know where we don’t have the expertise,” said Bron Davidson. “We need our IT partner to have it, so we don’t waste our own time.”

“We’re a construction company – we build people’s homes, we help them build their dream. If we can’t get back to our customers, we fail on our promise.”

– Bron Davidson, Owner and Business Manager, Davidson Building Group

Matching values make for the right fit

Mark Clacy, Operations Manager at Davidson Building Group was referred to Retrac by a past colleague, and the values of the IT firm were a crucial part of this endorsement. Mark could immediately see that Retrac shared a similar ethos to Davidson Building Group.

“We knew of Travis, Director of Retrac as a person,” said Mark Clacy. “We were aware of his style and his fit. I also knew how Retrac operated – with honesty and integrity.”

The team at Davidson Building Group were impressed. Retrac gave them the time they needed and over several initial meetings engendered a deep foundation of trust and respect.

“We made the decision based on three essential criteria,” explained Mark Clacy. “Personalities – first and foremost – who they are and how they conduct themselves. The level of service that they could offer – how quickly they could respond and what products they could provide as a package. And thirdly – price.”

“Building a home is a big investment. It’s a privilege to provide a service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. We need to find people and partners who match this ethos. There’s a lot of arrogance in business. We didn’t want to enter into a partnership with a business that didn’t share our values as a company.”

– Bron Davidson, Owner and Business Manager, Davidson Building Group

Smooth changeover the first in a raft of benefits

Davidson Building Group was taken aback at how much effort Retrac put in to ensure a smooth changeover from their existing on-premise solution to implementing and training all staff in a Complete Cloud model – a hosted server in Microsoft Azure. The flow-on benefits also exceeded expectations:

Improved connectivity and communication: With a mobile workforce, often on the road, on sites, or at display homes, providing a way for every team member to stay connected was crucial. “Now everything is connecting better,” said Mark Clacy. “Staff can log in from anywhere and access what they need. This helps keep projects moving.” Which also keeps customers much better attended to.

A better collaborative model: Key features such as Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams mean easier and more productive collaboration. “We’re a small team, people wear multiple hats. Using Teams helps us organise our work and the executive team can see across the company,” explained Mark Clacy. Streamlined communication is essential to clarity.

Simplified IT structure: “We now back up the files and access all applications in a cloud environment. It’s so much simpler,” observed Mark Clacy. And it’s little things that make a huge difference: “For example, our email account now links up with messages which links up with our Project Management program.”

IT support that makes a real difference: The smooth changeover implemented by Retrac and combined with great training, helped all of the team at Davidson Building Group get on board with the new processes. “It has been different, but it has enhanced the way we operate,” said Bron Davidson. “And we now have the support we need, when we need it.”

A more secure environment: Multifactor authentication processes make for a more secure system, crucial when staff are off-site so much.

“Retrac always endeavour to do the best. They show perseverance and innovation. They are transparent and honest in what they do and how they do it.”

– Bron Davidson, Owner and Business Manager, Davidson Building Group

Words of Advice

For Bron Davidson, every business partnership, and particularly one as crucial as IT, comes down to the qualities of integrity and honesty:

“It is a leap of faith. You should review their website, listen to what they have to say. Be sure that they understand that they honour their commitments to you and your business.”

Future Directions

The construction industry is affected by rolling changes in many other industries including banking and finance. Davidson Building Group are happy to have this partnership with Retrac who ensure they stay on top of the changes in technology so they can meet the challenges ahead.

“Retrac is not a company that is sitting around waiting to be reactive. They keep us up to date with what is happening. And they challenge us. It’s not just about keeping us up to date with IT for today. It’s about preparing us for the future.”

-Mark Clacy, Operations Manager, Davidson Building Group

If you’re interested in learning more about our Complete Cloud solution, head to our product page.


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