who we are

We are a diverse group of IT professionals dedicated to helping our customers accelerate their businesses using cloud technology. We understand the pressures that today’s business leader faces. We focus on helping you adapt to change, service your customers better and attract and retain key talent.

Established in 2008, we’re based in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs and deliver services across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

our vision

We enable our customers to accelerate their growth through technology. We work to improve the lives of our customers by making their business more productive, more efficient, more secure, and therefore improving their competitive edge.

our values

People Centric

Absolute focus on service excellence. This focus guides our daily customer interactions. We take pride in our work, don’t take shortcuts and always do the right thing.


The world of technology forces every business to adapt and innovate – including ours. We work with our customers to build competitive edge through technology.


The trust we have between each other at Retrac is just as important as the trust be have with our customers – and it works both ways. We look for long-term partnerships built on trust.


Quality of our work is everything to us. It feeds our passion for what we do and drives our high customer retention and great quality of service.


We know that different organisations have different drivers, priorities and budgets. Since we are an agile team, we have solutions to match most scenarios.

the team

The Retrac team is dedicated to helping our customers accelerate their businesses using cloud technology. We specialise in Cloud Services, Security and Networking and are united together by our common values.

This is what you can expect when working with us:

  • Our values at work: Innovation, Trust, Respect, Integrity and Flexibility.
  • Absolute focus on service excellence – to our customers and our community.
  • Pride in our work. We don’t take short cuts and we will always do the right thing.
  • We consider ourselves part of your team. We always strive to do the best for you and your business.