OneDrive for Business has great features. But are you using them?

It’s easy to be confused by the file storage options that come with Microsoft 365. OneDrive for Business is a versatile cloud filing solution to work and collaborate on both internally and externally. It comes with your Microsoft 365 subscription, but are you getting the most from its ability to drive productivity and efficiency? Use OneDrive for Business right, and your staff can: 

  • Access all business files in one place 
  • Store and share files easily 
  • Work efficiently from anywhere
  • Collaborate better as a team 
  • Stay in control of documents and files 

How can you use OneDrive for Business?

File storage 

The most obvious advantage of OneDrive for Business is document storage. Every user gets up to 1 terabyte of space, probably more than they’d ever use. 

You can store just about everything you need in a secure and private cloud folder. Instead of having files spread across multiple locations, you can easily access them from the one place. No more searching for documents across devices! 

File sharing 

Since OneDrive for Business integrates with SharePoint, you can publish and share files easily, both inside and outside your business. It couldn’t be easier – set up a link in OneDrive to launch you straight into SharePoint and you’re ready to share. 

To ensure proper use, you can control who can share or edit the file at either a folder or document level. Importantly, your administrators will set these permissions, so your administrators are in control, not your staff. This is invaluable in protecting the privacy and integrity of your valuable information. 

Working on the move 

The OneDrive for Business app can be installed on laptops as well as Android and Apple mobile devices. You won’t be tied to your desk to use it. 

The app allows you to share, move, delete, and view documents, no matter what device you’re using at the time. You can even annotate PDF documents, such as drawing, highlighting, and commenting. 

File syncing 

Staff are able to sync files on their device with the same files stored in the cloud. It means people can work even if they don’t have network access. As soon as they go back online, any changes made to the document will automatically be made to the cloud version.  

Version control 

This works on two levels. If team members can sync their document with the cloud, and the cloud version is the one that’s shared, everyone will be working on the same document. There’s no danger of the latest version sitting on someone’s computer. 

On top of that, your administrators can not only view who made changes and when, they can also restore previous versions of the document. A great safeguard to prevent small errors snowballing into big problems. 


Your team members can back up desktop items, as well as files from their My Pictures and My Documents folder.  

They can log in and use the same shortcuts and files on another device. It’s also really useful if they buy a new device.  

Microsoft Office integration 

With OneDrive for Business, your people have the full power of apps like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Teams, and other Office 365 applications at their fingertips. Integration between the apps is seamless to offer a better user experience. 

Improve security 

All data is encrypted, both in storage and in transit. So even if you send a file to someone outside your business, it will still be protected. 

Just as important, OneDrive for Business removes inherently unsafe work practices like sending documents by email or putting them on USB keys. 

When you invite someone to access a file through OneDrive, only the recipient of your invitation can do so. Extra security policies like security codes can even be added to validate recipient identity. 

You can also track and monitor who you have sent files to, as well as revoke editing or access permissions. If permissions are revoked, editing or access to the file in the OneDrive cloud is denied. What’s more, you can control whether documents can be downloaded onto personal devices. 

The key point to remember is that you’re only sending a link to the document, not the document itself. 

How do you access OneDrive for Business? 

The appropriate subscription to the Microsoft 365 suite will grant access. Existing Retrac customers will already have a subscription bundled with the Complete Cloud solution they chose. These include: 

  • Complete Cloud Standard 
  • Complete Cloud Security Bundle 
  • Complete Cloud Mobile Worker 

How can Retrac help you with OneDrive for Business? 

We’ve found that many of our clients who use OneDrive for Business haven’t fully tapped its potential. We can help you understand what’s possible, so you get maximum business advantage. This includes educating your people on the benefits of the platform. 

Security is another area where we can assist, including building policies for usage. For example, if a recipient has trouble opening a file, it could be due to a weakness in their computer security. Retrac’s policies will have identified the threat and won’t let the file be accessed.  

Watch the OneDrive for Business video tutorial  

Watch the video to see if you’re getting best value from OneDrive for Business. Or get in touch to find out how we can help you use it to its full potential.