Introducing MyGlue, our new free password management solution for Retrac’s complete cloud customers

Passwords are a key line of defence for your business applications and data – we all know it. But they can be tricky to track and store securely especially when you have multiple team members who need to access a particular password. 

That’s particularly true with generic passwords for administration accounts which aren’t used regularly. So where do you store the passwords? And where do you keep the related information, bearing in mind that you want somewhere safe yet easily accessible? 

That’s where MyGlue comes in. It’s a secure password manager set up and run by Retrac that simplifies password control. And it’s absolutely free for Retrac Complete Cloud users. 

What’s in a password? 

With today’s growing cyber threats, you can’t afford to leave yourself vulnerable when it comes to passwords, as this can open up your private data. Once a password is compromised, the effect can snowball: hackers can get into your systems, access you files, data and operating systems and even discover other passwords.  

Strong passwords are a must. They should be hard to guess, and definitely should not be based on personal information like date of birth or pets name. Don’t forget, hackers are trawling social media accounts for precisely this kind of data constantly.  

You’ll also need an email/phone number for password recovery when you create a password so you can easily reset and retrieve a lost password. 

Multiple passwords multiply complexity 

Using the same password across different accounts is asking for trouble. But multiple passwords are hard to remember and complicated to manage.  

The best option here is a secure single sign-on. But that’s not always possible says Retrac’s Director, Travis Carter: “In a perfect world, you’d have a single sign-on with Microsoft for all of your applications. In reality, that situation only applies to 30-40% of applications.”  

If you can’t use a single sign-on, having multi-factor authentication is vital. When you enter a password, you’re asked to validate it via a unique code on your phone. This verifies that it is you using the password. Many software vendors today offer multi-factor authentication. 

Password managers are a popular solution 

A password manager is a simple and effective option if you want secure access to your web applications. Essentially, it stores passwords for all of your accounts safely in one central location in the cloud. All you have to do is remember the master password to access all of the others. What’s more, it can even help you create unique and strong passwords.  

Many password managers are available, but if you want one that’s optimised for businesses, you’ll generally have to pay for it. 

Introducing MyGlue Password Manager 

MyGlue is a free password manager from Retrac that is ideal for businesses wanting a simple way to manage and secure passwords. It’s been specifically designed for customers of IT services companies. 

A key advantage of MyGlue is that Retrac sets it up as a single sign-on in the Microsoft cloud so you can access all your passwords easily from one spot. Once it’s set up, password security is simplified – saving you and your colleagues time. 

MyGlue encrypts all passwords by default. In addition, Retrac enforces multi-factor authentication, conditional access and app security policies. Plus, MyGlue is integrated with Microsoft authentication processes. All this means your passwords and related information are as safe as they could possibly be. 

How does MyGlue help? 

Every business has usernames, passwords and related documents they seldom use but are still required once in a while. The problem has always been: where do you put them? 

A common solution is to put them in an Excel spreadsheet on a hard drive. That’s hardly secure. And when you want to share a password, it’s done by email. Another risk. “All it takes to lose passwords is one wrong move by email and that password list gets sent to the wrong hands,” says Travis Carter. 

Now you can not only store and access existing passwords securely, you can safely share them. If you’ve ever needed to get into an important administrator account or a colleague’s computer, but didn’t have the password, you’ll appreciate MyGlue. It allows your staff and colleagues to share passwords in and across departments.  

In addition, MyGlue is ideal for creating new passwords for incoming staff members, and ensuring password access is deleted when employees leave. 

Much more than a password manager 

MyGlue doesn’t just manage passwords, it links passwords to staff, documents and processes. This means credentials can be shared quickly, easily and securely when people need permission to access applications or files. 

Apart from everyday access, this can assist employee onboarding and training.  When someone starts with you or needs to learn a new skill, MyGlue shows them which systems to access to get the information they need. 

You can also use it to manage other internal procedures, or external policies such as sharing data with third parties.  

Plus, it’s invaluable for IT related activities. If you develop apps for example, or build cloud systems integrated with your business, you’ll need to document the processes. MyGlue will store usernames and passwords, documents and APIs. It can also track SSL certificates and domain names for the web. Everything’s at your fingertips in one secure location.

MyGlue from Retrac is free. Why not try it? 

MyGlue is a new inclusion for Retrac’s Complete Cloud customers. It only takes a couple of hours to set up, and we’ll show you how to use it. If you’re tired of managing passwords, worried about securing them, or swamped by complex procedures, MyGlue could be just what you need. Reach out to Retrac or fill in the form to gain access to MyGlue.