Last year the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, reported businesses lost more than $2.3 million to scams. Do you really know how secure your business is from an attack?  

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Do you have these security issues covered? 

Phishing & Spyware

How will you know if you receive a fake emails asking for sensitive information? 


One click and your files can be encrypted. Are you protected?

Poor password management

Are passwords for all systems and emails set up in the right way to prevent someone gaining access to your systems or email accounts? 

Insecure networks

Are all of your devices secure as they could be? 

Unsure how your business security stacks up?

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  • Work out if your staff are trained on cyber-security and working in the most secure way

What you'll get from the assessment: 

Why Retrac?

10 years in business

Build a plan to stay safe

Access to IT security experts when you need them

Empowering online collaboration at work

“Peace of mind that systems are secure has been the main impact, everything is in the cloud, with multiple levels of backup and redundancy to protect our company’s data and information.”

Andrew Chessum

Australian Growing Solutions

Here's how we've helped Australian Growing Solutions upgrade their security.

Don't wait until something happens. Understand if your business is at risk.