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Should I move to the cloud?

Moving to the cloud is not as hard as you think. 

Especially when you have an expert team behind you. 

Don't delay, find out if this move is right for your business.  Register for our free workshop now.  

Find out if the cloud is right for you.

Register for the free 'Should I move to the cloud' workshop now. 

Use our knowledge and experience to help you decide if moving to Complete Cloud through Microsoft 365 is right for you. 

  • A comprehensive review of where your business is currently at when it comes to process, systems and security.
  • A whiteboard session to uncover what your business issues are currently and how technology in your business could help. 
  • A 'yes' or 'no' answer on whether moving to the cloud is right for you.
  • A high-level cloud migration plan that could skyrocket your business, in reaching your business goals and what this could cost.  

You'll walk away with:

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Why move to the cloud?

Increased system security

Know you are safe from the ever increasing cyber security threats out there. 

Better team collaboration

Allow your staff to access what they need, when they need it from wherever they are. 

Increased business productivity

Improve your processes so you have more time to work on the areas of your business you want to. 

Huge potential savings

Migrate and consolidate IT systems to reduce operational expenditure

Why Retrac?

10 years in business

Build a plan to stay safe

Access to IT security experts when you need them

Empowering online collaboration at work

"Staff can actually do their work,” said Zafar Karim. “A system that properly supports them gives people the confidence to win more deals and get more clients through the door.”

Zafar Karim

CCA Financial Planning

Here's how we've helped CCA Financial planning migrate to the cloud. 

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